Not an alien but yet new world, Welcome to Myanmar

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The term Myanmar embraces over 135 ethnic groups living together and speaking their own dialects. The major ethnic races are Kachin, Kayar, Kayin , Chin, Mon,Myanmar, Rakhing  and Shan live seven Sates and seven Divisions in Myanmar –Silk Road To Asia Travel and Tours

Myanmar has a population of over 52 millions and the Bamars make about 70%. Yangon ,the commercial city and gateway to Myanmar, has a population of nearly 6 million –Population of Myanmar

The official language is Myanmar, the spoken language differs slightly from their own languages. English is spoken by many and widely understood. Some  Myanmar  speak  French,  German  and  Mandarin –Language

Over 89.30% of Myanmar embrace Tharavada Buddhism and the rest are  Christians (5.60%) ,Muslims(3.80%), Hindus (0.5%) and Animists(0.2%) –Religion of Myanmar