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Who we are
We ensure that every step we take is for customer’s satisfaction and believe ourselves as a group of “Reality Dreamers”. SRTA is made up of well experienced, skilful and committed people. Having branches and using our owned transportations in main tourist destinations, our team is always ready in 24 hours joining our hands for exclusive services. As tour guide play as an important role, we appoint tour guides speaking their respective excellent different languages. They all are well trained and experienced tour guides. We all are working cooperatively to serve the travel needs and arrangements to have the best moments that will remain in clients’ memories.

We take customer satisfaction and feedback extremely seriously. SRTA is progressing forwards with the appreciation of our loyal partners and clients as we rely on customer feedbacks to improve our services. Not only after completion of tour program, we evaluate the criticism of clients before and during tour in order to understand how we can make trips run better and ensure clients have the best experience. Not only from the clients, we value the comments and suggestions from our local tour guides and suppliers to make our service better and better.

We want to preserve this stunningly beautiful land of ours for the future generations of world. We believe that the precious memory can be share to many without depleting but a culture, natural heritage and historical monuments can be so much affected by our actions.

Our mission is to minimize negative impacts on the tourism industry by being responsible.
We ensure that every step we take in our both professional and personal lives, no matter how small they will be to reflect our mission.

What we offer

Offering travelling experiences by visiting to Myanmar and see the other side of the world, which is significant from others in terms of cultural, social and historical at last but not the least the nature that every traveller has a desire for such as the sun, the beaches, the mountains and the sceneries in one destination.

Flights booking

We provide support in booking flight tickets all around the world

Tour guide services

We provide well trained and experienced tour guides

Hotel booking

We arrange booking for the hotel depending on your preferences

Transfer booking

We provide transfer with our own cars and private boat
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Our products and offers are driven by the actual travelers who like to explore with skilful and experienced sales experts to make their dream trip actually happen. We believe that the activities and personal touch are only makes us the distinct among other.

Myanmar is a unique place where tourists come to dream of the glorious times of the past. Visiting the ancient temple sites of the 8-th century, cruising up and down on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy river, journeying to the incredibly beautiful Inle Lake where the local fishermen will amaze the traveler with their unique leg-rowing technique, partaking in a meditation session in the silence of a Buddhist monastery, and last but not least, relaxing at a beautiful beach at the end of the trip, are memories that will accompany our guests all their life.

Designing these places, we offer both ready-made packages for group travellers and tailor-made (customizable) packages which would be best match with individual preferences, for instance to those who eager to interact with rural habitants of remote regions and explore the nature.

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