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Behalf of everyone from Silk Road To Asia with a genuine smile, we would like to welcome you to our land of thousand pagodas, timeless sceneries and Smiling faces. We at Silk Road To Asia want to share a great experience of travelling in Myanmar, nourishing your senses with her sights and sounds. We can assure you that, with each visit, there will always be something new for everyone and something left to explore and experience. Well, this will not just be an experience but a memory which will last for a life time.
Silk Road to Asia travel is an evolution from Golden Land Travel Services. By saying evolution or a process of changing or transforming into something better , adapting to changes to be more efficient and more intelligent . Having said this, Silk Road to Asia is founded on our decades long experiences as a foundation and striving to be a Tour Operator who fostered responsible act, apply environmental friendly practices and conserve socio-cultural aspects of Myanmar.
Simply putting it, we want to preserve this stunningly beautiful land of ours for the future generations of world . We believe that a sweet memory can be share to many without depleting but a culture, natural heritage and historical monuments can be so much affected by our actions. Our mission is to minimize this negative impacts of Tourism Industry by being Responsible.
We ensure that every step we take in our both professional and personal lives, no matter how small they will be to reflect our mission. Our Team is made up of a well balanced people of outstanding individuals who share the same concepts and goals. Our organizational structure has been optimized to promote linearity, equality and transparency. We are proudly continuing and maintaining the core values from GLT, while passing down to SRTA members in a tight knit of family hood to deliver a dream trip to our clients.
Our Silk Road to Asia Team believe ourselves as a group of “Reality Dreamers”. We all share a big dream , a dream of making our Golden Land Myanmar as destination, synonymous to a dream trip for everyone from every corner of the world. With dedications, commitments and a unrivalled passion, we are morphing our dream into a reality.. Therefore, we again invite you to our mystic Golden land Myanmar , joining our hands, let make your dream trip happens….

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